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The perfect tool for retailers, developers, and market data analysts - fully equipped with a full suite of powerful features for seamless trading.

Customisable dashboard for highest efficiency

Best-in-class trading widgets delivering all the essential tools you need to trade with maximum efficiency.

Complex solutions

Your highly efficient platform developed by some of the leading experts for trading and crypto analytics.

Professional trading tools

Forget about one-size-fits-all dashboards with basic charting tools and plain Buy/Sell functionalities. Start your crypto investment journey with a full suite of professional tools and optimise your trading experience with dashboards that can be fully customised and tailored to your research and trading needs.

DXone in numbers

We provide client-focused solutions designed for a seamless trading and investing experience.


We are driven by our clients’ satisfaction, which is why our expert software development teams are working tirelessly to continuously refine our platforms and provide a seamless user experience. Through constant innovation and optimisation, we were able to develop unique research and analysis tools that take your crypto research and investing experience to the next level.


Aiming to deliver the most versatile environment for researching, trading, and investing in different cryptocurrencies, we dedicated an entire department to developing and testing new market analysis widgets. DXone users are also able to request new widgets which we will then assess, develop and add to our platform for all clients to use.




Widgets on custom dashboard




Hours of platform development


Proprietary software


Years of combined experience in the financial markets

DXone’s state-of-the-art trading and investing solutions create a unique environment designed to facilitate smart trading decisions. Our key features include:

Customisable dashboards

Overview of most of the listed coins

Trading via charts

Real-time price feed

Aggregated order books of multiple exchanges

Arbitrage opportunity indicators

Technical analysis

Spread charts

Fundamental analysis research data

Real-time aggregated price index data

Aggregated single portfolio view

Build an optimised trading environment tailored to your needs. Our extensive widget library includes key widgets such as:

Account summary

Advanced charts

Buy Order Ticket

Coin list

Coin performance

Currency rates

Index constituents

Mini charts

Major market moves

News overview

Order book

Order book volume

Order list

Pair list

Sell Order Ticket

Times & Sales

Top gainers

Top losers

Trade list

Watch list