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Customisable dashboards

DXone traders have the freedom to design their own, customised dashboards. Features include best-in-class trading widgets that contain all the essential services to trade efficiently.

Proprietary Software

Our software has been developed completely in-house. As a result, the integration of widgets, services, and trading tools are seamless compared to other exchanges. This innovation means we can make efficient adjustments and improvements to our exchange without using third-party providers.

Custom Widgets and Layout

Users can select three different layouts to suit their individual types of viewing/trading interests and preferences. They can drag-and-drop from a variety of 40 widgets to customise their trading experience.

Comprehensive Suite of Professional Trading Features

All DXone traders have access to our cutting-edge trading tools and features. Choose between real-time view of order book histories, regression analysis tools, arbitrage monitoring, technical analysis, spread charts, unique order types, any-to-any coin analysis, historical volume analysis and much more.

Cryptocurrencies and Exchanges

Analyse more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies, monitor 100,000+ trading pairs (any-to-any coin analysis) and enjoy real-time monitoring of the top 12 exchanges (120 more to follow later in 2020).

News Feeds

Our news feeds provide relevant information from media sources we consider some of the best and most reputable in the crypto markets. Traders can select their favourite news providers and filter them. Custom dashboards can also be chosen to create a single layout for news.

BitGo - Digital Asset Crypto Custody Insurance

We want to ensure a secure environment for our customers’ funds. To do so, we decided to partner up with BitGo as a custody provider. If you want to learn more about BitGo click on the following link:

Integrated API Solution

Data from 20 exchanges is made available via ultra-fast API in real-time. We also provide special access to our platform for traders and analysts via our API solution.

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We maximise the quality of the individual user’s experience


trailblazing platform

Benefit from the best user experience with our pre-designed dashboards created by our team of professional traders and expert platform designers. All dashboards include advanced market research tools to help you trade with maximum efficiency and productivity.

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trailblazing platform

real-time market data


real-time market data

Access 24/7 real-time market data. Track real-time data from the top exchanges, including thousands of cross rates (synthetic trading pairs), as well as price feeds, aggregated price index data, volume, and news.

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fully customisable

Trailblazing, fully customisable dashboards that are intuitive and user-friendly to suit your individual trading experience and style.

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fully customisable


DXone Customers

Our technology stack is designed to meet the diverse needs of traders, developers and market data analysts.



To benefit the trading community, we allow third-party providers to integrate a wide variety of their services via our safe and user-friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Services can include information, data, strategies, approaches and tools.


Outstanding Experience

Our goal is to exceed traders’ expectations. We’ll achieve this by offering fully customisable dashboards, and innovative widget-based tools for trading, monitoring and research.


Advanced Research Tools

We provide real-time crypto market data, in which uniquely displayed cross rates and charting - not available on other crypto trading platforms - can be used to compare coins and analyse exchanges.

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We create cutting-edge solutions.

long-term solution with innovative services

DXone’s technology stack is designed from the ground up to provide a comprehensive and robust experience for crypto enthusiasts. Our team includes experts from the fields of financial data distribution, trading, algorithm designing and exchange platform development.

Our experience ensures our exchange and platform is competitive and commercially sound.

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