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4 years in the making, DXone is live and open for investors. The token’s revenue-sharing enables monthly dividends from the most profitable business model in the crypto industry.

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The offer as described in the Securities Prospectus is addressed to investors with domicile in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

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DX1UUtility Token
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ApprovedEU Prospectus

Lichtenstein's FMA has approved that our security token prospectus has been drawn up following the requirement of the Prospectus Regulation (EU) 2017/1129. Our prospectus has now been passported to other competent authorities including in Germany (BaFin), Austria (FMA) and Switzerland (FINMA).


Our paired DX1U token is a pure utility token designed for use with DXone products. The community benefits from reduced fees for our entire range of products and services, without reducing their token inventory.


The DX1S security token is a valuable addition to a diversified investment portfolio. Our token's unique revenue sharing model provides investors with monthly dividends for passive income.

NewBold Solution

Our platform removes the usual obstacles faced by traders and investors in crypto markets.

DXone provides an outstanding user experience, our tech delivers a seamless and easy to use platform for users of all levels of proficiency.

Experience our cutting-edge trading features, real-time data, editorial content and analysis tools for information and – of course – unique proprietary trading.


Founded by former Financial.com founder Matthias Wiederwach and in cooperation with experts in the fields of M&A, marketing, sales, financial data distribution, trading, research and development of exchange platforms.


Fully funded and debt-free. Following €5 million of private investment and four successful years of development, DXone is now live and on track to deliver outstanding results even on our conservative growth plans.

Earn Easy

Our asset allows you to profit from the most profitable business model in the cryptocurrency market, with one single investment.

Step #1

Traders Generate Volume

Traders Generate Volume


Step #2

Traders Generate Volume

DXone Collects Fees


Step #3

Traders Generate Volume

25% of Fees Paid to Investors Every Month

You Deserve Better

The boom in the crypto industry has led to a huge patchwork of information from platforms, exchanges and service providers.
Crypto industry heavyweights fail to fulfill even the most basic needs of their users.

Major Problems
Our Solutions

Inadequate Static Platforms

You are forced to use poorly designed trading dashboards with slow execution.

Breakthrough Customisable Platform

Discover a one-stop tailor-made solution with an outstanding user experience.

Absent Functions & Tools

Your access to professional tools and features are virtually non-existent.

Unlimited Tools for All

Gain access to our enterprise grade trading, analysis and information tools with no limitations.

Forced Data Upsells

Exchanges do not provide you with access to the entire market. You're required to buy expensive third party data-feeds.

Real-Time Market Data

Excel with free analysis tools for real-time market data from the most popular cryptocurrencies and exchanges.

Pioneering Dual-Token Model

We’ve created a first-to-market dual token model - the esteemed DX1S Security Token paired with our valuable DX1U Utility Token.
During the token sale, investors can take advantage of our instant 1:1 reward offer:
For every 1 DX1S Token get 1 DX1U Token FREE

Achieve Great Potential With Us

Our objective is to become a top 70 crypto exchange within 12 months. We're aiming for an average 24-hour trading volume of €40m to reach our goals.

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First Financial Year

Our Forecast Trading Volume

Only 1% Market Share

€ 1,500,000,000

Revenue generated

€ 28,000,000

Payout for investors

€ 7,000,000

Assessment base: Volume from spot markets excluding markets assumed 95% fake volume, leaving 5% of reported Volume.

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DX1S Tokens are complex financial instruments. Persons interested in investing in DX1S are strongly advised to read the Securities Prospectus, including the risk warnings contained therein before deciding to invest. The Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority approved that our security token prospectus has been drawn up following the requirements of the Prospectus Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 on 18.06.2020.

The offer as described in the Securities Prospectus is addressed to investors with domicile in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.